Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 3

This week Dr. Rosenblatt was out of town. However I did not waste any time in getting around to shadowing a corneal transplant surgery. It was very interesting and thrilling. I have never been in such a setting. It is easy to see that although the science behind medical practice and lab research are the same, there is a different set of people skills that doctors and physicians have. Interacting with patients requires a whole different set of social skills that is something we don't really get to see or have to practice often while doing research in a lab setting. With that said, working with patients has definitely gave me a different perspective on the way medical care is delivered. This week I also started to work on my research project. I am using a parallel plate flow chamber to culture corneal epithelial cells under laminar shear stress. I started by first culturing my HCLE cells to be used in the study. They should be confluent and ready to use on Monday.

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