Monday, August 6, 2012

Kevin - Week 7's done. The program is officially over. I must say it's a little bittersweet. On one hand, I'm back home now, and man did I miss my apartment. Going back to a place all by myself with a queen sized bed and kitchen that only I use has been absolutely fantastic. It was also kind of funny to step outside of the bus and realize that, yup, that's the smell of fresh air outside. I had started to forget. But on the other hand, I really enjoyed NYC. I was in the clinic chilling with people during downtime, and a few of them asked about me missing a clinic outing that had happened over the weekend. It was funny; I didn't think I would be noticed, since I had only been around for a few weeks, but I feel like that place was starting to feel very comfy. Some of the patients got used to me being there too, and there are some people I will definitely miss. I'm also sad that I missed out on seeing a tumor resection that last week, just due to the way my schedule ran at the end. But I did finish sketching out networks for Dr. Shah, and he was very happy about it. I have to say that I was proud of them too; they turned out much more impressive looking than I expected. We met with the pathologists again, and this time a biostatistician joined the meeting as well, and we discussed what amount of patients and samples would be necessary for the different experimental and control groups. That time around, I wasn't sweating bullets in the meeting. It felt much more normal, especially since the people in the meeting expected me that time. I also got props from one of the doctor for my network sketch; that definitely didn't hurt either. That week I also observed an arterial valve replacement, and that was crazy. I do wish I had more involvement from the surgeons though. Oh well; it was still cool. I feel like a lot of neat things happened at the end, now that I'm sitting here looking back. Even the bus ride back home was eventful, albeit in a scary way. The bus driver accidentally gashed his head open loading bags into the bus, but luckily the ER was right around the corner. Perks of being in/around Weill Cornell. And the driver ended up being just fine, and we went on our merry ways. Now I'm back in Ithaca again, and it's time to get back to das business.

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